ETI recently partnered with CAD software provider Sigmetrix in the development of their new GD&T Advisor.

From Sigmetrix:

GD&T Advisor is an interactive software tool that provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T. It guides designers through a standards-based application of GD&T from within the CAD environment, increasing GD&T standards conformity and accuracy while reducing the time to apply GD&T by 75%.

The interactive help feature created by Effective Training, Inc., provides instructive, educational support, consisting of a content-sensitive user guide that links to an entire GD&T Encyclopedia.  The model-centric, “intelligent” annotations created can then be repurposed, with the full GD&T meta-data applied in the downstream processes, including computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided inspection (CAI).

According to Sigmetrix President, Tim Bogard, “Collaborating with ETI guaranteed the best domain expertise and most effective GD&T educational solution available.  Up until now, no other company has been able to assemble the correct pieces to develop what users have sought for years – a revolutionary improvement in how GD&T standards are applied within the CAD system to produce functionally effective designs.”

gdta-2-0-help-for-websiteSigmetrix is a global provider of comprehensive, easy-to-use software solutions that help users achieve robust designs through tolerance analysis and the correct application of GD&T. With implementation in more than 40 countries, Sigmetrix’s software enables the world’s leading product manufacturers in multiple industries to produce over 100,000 parts every year.

Read more about the GD&T Advisor at the Sigmetrix website.