On average, the manufacturing sector at a company makes up 80% of its entire workforce, with engineering (10%) and HR/administration (10%) rounding out the remaining 20%. Since manufacturing staff are essentially responsible for much of the production, investing in their education is beneficial for the entire company.

By not educating your workers on how to correctly interpret GD&T on drawings, you are jeopardizing

  • Product quality (during assembly and/or building)
  • Proper in-process inspection (your workers will not know how to correctly check gauges to ensure that part tolerances adhere to the drawing specifications)
  • Profits (without proper product assembly and/or construction, you could be saddled with frustrating rework or scrap costs that range from tens of thousands to millions per instance)

What’s the bottom line? Don’t underestimate the role of your manufacturing professionals on the line, or their potential for positively impacting your output and overall success.

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Manufacturing Professionals Are Diverse

They possess different degrees of experience and education, as well as varying backgrounds and life experiences. Getting them all on the same page with their GD&T knowledge is a worthwhile challenge. By educating your workers on the basics of GD&T, they’ll

  • Increase their knowledge and confidence of drawing interpretation
  • Perform their jobs better, giving them a greater sense of job security and aptitude
  • Generate a marked difference in your product quality, increasing customer satisfaction

For 28 years, we have worked with thousands of companies that drastically improved their manufacturing process following GD&T training. In one case study we gathered, a client looked at their engineering projects and compared the impact of these projects using GD&T versus not using GD&T. They found that those projects which didn’t use GD&T cost the company more time and money in production and postproduction change requests. Specifically, projects which didn’t use GD&T had 3 to 4 times the number of change requests, amounting in 10-15 times the cost of changes than when GD&T is used.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Well-Trained Manufacturing Staff

We’ve heard similar feedback from both current and prospective clients that it’s either not feasible to teach GD&T to their entire manufacturing sector, or that they simply don’t need it. Here are some common misconceptions from managers/supervisors:

“Our design engineers already determined the specs; our guys can read the drawings.”

“We cannot afford to take them off of the shop floor.”

“They don’t use the engineering drawings to do their jobs.”

These attitudes need to change. In many cases, outside expertise should be brought in to circumvent these problems. Many managers get stuck on improvement initiatives that have failed and become paralyzed. But often times these initiatives fail because of archaic methods, such as relying on only source materials or “caretakers” (those who are considered the in-house experts). Limited and unreliable knowledge cannot correct a process. Bringing in outside instructors, such as ETI, will guide you through this change process effectively because they are

  • Trained to understand GD&T and can spot your drawing and interpretation errors instantly
  • Current in ASME and ISO standards, ensuring the knowledge is relevant
  • Experienced in working with multiple companies facing dilemmas such as yours; they know how to take you from a poor customer satisfaction/lower profit situation and transform this into a better system (improved product output and higher profits)

Investing a little upfront to bring in qualified experts goes a long way in the end.

Our GD&T for Manufacturing Course Can Help You and Your Team Achieve Ultimate Success

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We have limited seats remaining for this course. Our $495 price covers course materials (including a FREE Ultimate GD&T Pocket Guide ASME Y14.5-2009) and light refreshments.

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