Have you been meaning to learn GD&T? Is your company getting ready to update to the 2009 tolerancing standard? Then now is the time to register for one of ETI’s 2012 public workshops. See the full schedule at our website.

Take a look at the large variety of workshops we’re offering this year. We have training based on the ASMEĀ  1994 and 2009 dimensioning and tolerancing standards, and we now offer an ISO geometrical tolerancing course, as well.

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gdt_training_pyramid-smallETI public workshops are more in depth than most public seminars, and much more than simply lectures. Each workshop provides hands-on training that includes practice exercises to help reinforce concepts. The price of each public workshop includes materials, continental breakfast, and snacks. Most workshops also include bonus materials, like access to our online training that can be used as a resource after the training is completed.

When you register for any ETI workshop, you know you’ll be receiving the most thorough GD&T training available

The ETI training pyramid shows the hierarchy of GD&T training. Click on the graphic to access a printable pdf of the full pyramid in greater detail.

For more information about workshops and discounts, call 1-800-886-0909, email workshops@etinews.com, or request a quote online.