kindleETI likes to stay one step ahead of emerging technologies. Over the past 25 years, the company has utilized the most current tools available when developing our GD&T products and training formats.

We’ve gone from print catalogs to the website, which enjoys more than 10,000 visits per month. We’ve upgraded from post card marketing to email marketing. Our training has evolved from self-study workbooks to videos, computer-based, web-based, and live web training. Our instructor materials moved from power point slides to digital instructor kits. We’ve created digital forums, message boards and enewsletters.

All in all, we’ve enjoyed embracing the benefits of the digital age, while we’ve kept our company and products on the cutting edge.

It’s time to decide which e-format to use for our new reference guides and textbooks.┬áMany of the new digital readers work well for novels, but not so well for textbooks with figures, graphics, and charts. If you already read ebooks, or if you’ve been planning to start, we’d like your opinion…

If you currently read e-textbooks, or plan to in the future, which would be your preferred reading device?