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Why Choose ETI?

ETI is a global leader in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. We provide training to thousands of companies, corporations and educational organizations around the world. Take a look at some of the reasons we've become the number one choice for GD&T training.

Fourteen Important Reasons to Choose ETI
Consistent Training Our instructors use identical training materials and lesson plans, so you receive the same class presentation from every trainer. Our computer-based and web-based training options also assure consistent training at all your locations.
Competitive Rates ETI classes give the best training available, at competitive prices.
Industrial Experience All of our instructors work in industry or have a recent industrial background.
Track Record ETI teaches workshops in locations around the world. We do everything from a single workshop for small organizations to corporate training programs. 
Standards Expertise ETI's founder Alex Krulikowski is a recognized expert in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Alex has over 30 years of industrial experience, and is an expert at teaching GD&T's application in industry. He is also a member of several national and international standards committees.
Expert Staff

ETI uses outstanding GD&T instructors. All of our trainers have:

- Expert knowledge of the Y14.5 standard 
- Current or recent industrial experience using GD&T 
- At least ten years of experience using GD&T
- Experience and skill using ETI teaching materials

Widely-Used Materials Many large corporations and hundreds of colleges have adopted our materials as the best in the field.
Flexible Scheduling We can provide training to suit your scheduleóno waiting for months to schedule a class you need today.
Proven Training Method We use a proven method for GD&T training: a set of goals and objectives keeps the training focused on the material that is most important. 
Measurable Results Upon request, we'll test student comprehension before and at the end of the course, giving students the opportunity to gain instructor assistance with any unclear concepts before the class is over.
Training Customization We provide training at locations around the world, and all of our workshops can be customized to include your drawings and parts.
Outstanding Customer Service Even though we are a world-wide company, we aren't too big to care. We care about our customers and their success with our products and services.
On-The-Job Reference Tools We have a full line of materials that can be used as on-the-job reference materials after the training is complete.
Full Training Curriculum  ETI offers a variety of classes on dimensioning and tolerancing. Our classes meet the needs of various job classifications and budgets.


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