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GD&T Fundamentals Skills Assessment
(ASME Y14.5M-1994)

How well do you know GD&T?

Do you know the geometric symbols, each symbol’s requirements, tolerance zones, and limitations?

How much do you know about tolerance zones? Do you understand Rules #1 and #2; form and orientation controls; tolerance of position; runout and profile controls?

Click here to take the 1994 GD&T Skills Assessment

Try the Free GD&T Skills Assessment Today
The GD&T Skills Assessment is a free resource from ETI that measures how well an individual understands the correct application and interpretation of GD&T. It's designed to challenge your GD&T knowledge so you can understand what level of GD&T training you need.

The assessment can be used by individuals or companies. If you're an individual who would like to test your GD&T knowledge, simply click the link and begin. Your results will be emailed to you within two business days.

For companies that would like to test a whole department, each employee can take the quiz on his/her own, or you can contact ETI to set up a group testing. Scores can be emailed to employees or training managers can receive the group scores.

The 25-question assessment takes minutes to complete, and you gain a better understanding of what you know about GD&T and what you need to learn.

Before taking the assessment, please test your browser settings.

Understanding how to apply and interpret GD&T correctly will help you:

  • Create clear, concise drawings
  • Improve product design
  • Create drawings that reduce controversy, guesswork, and assumptions throughout the manufacturing process
  • Effectively communicate or interpret design requirements for suppliers and manufacturing

Read about GD&T training options.

Let ETI provide your employees with hands-on GD&T training
To discover how ETI can develop a custom training program for your company, call 800-886-0909 or email, today


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