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Solid Model Tolerancing
(Based on ASME Y14.41)

Understand the fundamental definitions, concepts, and methods from the new ASME Y14.41-2003 Standard.

Exclusively from ETI, the Solid Model Tolerancing Workshop will help you to understand the benefits of a math-based product development process. You’ll learn:
• How to use solid models to eliminate 2D drawings
• How to apply GD&T to solid models
• The new symbols and conventions used in Y14.41
• The changes required in GD&T when tolerancing solid models
• The annotated model method and the drawing plus model method from Y14.41
• Six factors to determine which method is best for your organization
• The issues and challenges encountered when adopting the tolerancing of solid models
• How to use the flexibility in Y14.41 for a practical transition to a math-based development process
• Six organizational issues that must be addressed when implementing solid models to replace drawings

Course Developer: Alex Krulikowski, Past Chairman of the ASME Y14.41 Committee on Solid Model Tolerancing

Our Solid Model Tolerancing course was developed by an expert on the subject: ETI founder, Alex Krulikowski is the former Chairman of the Y14.41 Committee. The new standard advances the capabilities of Y14.5, Dimensioning and Tolerancing, the widely used standard pertaining to 2D engineering drawings. Y14.41 defines the exceptions and additional requirements to existing ASME standards for using product definition data or drawings in 3D digital format.

About the Course
The Y14.41 Standard establishes requirements for preparing, organizing and interpreting 3D digital product images.The Solid Model Tolerancing course is not based on any single CAD system or product development process. It covers concepts and standards that can be applied with a number of CAD systems.

Who Should Attend
This course intended for designers, engineers, and managers who are considering implementation of a math-based product development process.

Skill Level Needed
Attendees must have a basic understanding of Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing practices.

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Program goal: This course explains the ASME Y14.41-2003 Standard on Digital Product Definition Data Practices

Each workshop participant receives:

  • A Digital Product Definition Workbook, by Alex Krulikowski
  • An official certificate of completion

Format: Covers the ASME Y14.41-2003 Standard in an 8-hour course. Topics covered include: 

Characteristics and problems of current product development processes
Explanation of math-based product development processes
The role of standards in implementing math-based product development processes

General information on the Y14.41 Standard
History of the standard
Terms used in the standard
Data set concept
Two options for creating data sets

Requirements common for annotated model and model & drawing data sets
Data set and design model requirements
Display management
Model values and resolved dimensions
Basic and size dimensions

Model and drawing data sets
Data set requirements
General method requirements
Work coordinate systems
Using section views
Presentation of dimensions in axonometric views
Datum applications
Geometric tolerances

Annotated model data sets
Data set requirements
General model requirements
Views on annotated models
Model requirements
Resolved dimensions
Datum applications
Geometric tolerances

Gaps, issues, and challenges for industry
Gaps, issues, and challenges
Future trends

Why it is important to use Y14.41
Benefits of using the standard
How to purchase the standard
Creating an addendum to the standard


Students who attend our workshops walk away with more than knowledge. They gain on-the-job skills because our materials are performance-based, and each workshop approaches the subject from a design perspective.

For more onsite workshop information — or to request a custom quote package contact a GD&T account executive at 1-800-886-0909, email, or use our online training quote request form.


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