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Fundamentals of GD&T Self-Study Workbook

Based on ASME Y14.5M - 1994


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Format: Spiral bound, 500 pp. ISBN: 09245420-01-9
Publisher: Effective Training Inc. Edition Desc: 2nd
Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994

This start-to-finish self-training course in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing has become a classic in the field. Learn GD&T at your own pace, using problems from real life applications. Thirty targeted lessons give you an insiderís grasp of GD&T. The course can be used for self-study or for a team-learning approach.

The workbook has innumerable tips, suggestions, and practical illustrations. Youíll find yourself reaching for your GD&T Self-Study Workbook time and again to help you solve problems you encounter in your daily work. Itís a resource that will pay dividends for years to come.

∑ The cost of being beaten by a competitor
∑ The cost of guesswork in interpreting drawings
∑ The cost of just one mistake

This workbook will help you avoid such mistakes--itís not an expense; itís an investment! Order your 500-page self-study workbook, today.

Program goal: The goal of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Self-Study Workbook is to teach GD&T, using problems from real-life applications, thereby allowing the employee to understand engineering drawing specifications.

Best feature: Unlike classroom training, this technique lets you work at your own speed. You learn by doing and receive instant feedback from skills assessment tools. As an added benefit, youíll find yourself using this workbook as a resource for years to come.

This book is a valuable tool for: This illustrated, easy-to-use workbook will be valued by everyone who uses drawings in your firm. Experts can brush up GD&T skills; novices can become proficient quickly. Designers, checkers, engineers, technicians, purchasers, and salespeople will find GD&T opening the door to good drawing communication.

Skill level needed: Student should have basic blueprint reading skills.

Product highlights: The GD&T Self-Study Workbook is packed with examples, charts, logic diagrams, on-the-job guidelines, and over 500 practice problems with solutions.

Each lesson begins with a pre-inventory test to assess your current skill level. The lesson continues with illustrated, step-by-step training in each concept and provides problems to allow you to practice those concepts. Each lesson ends with a summary quiz and a post-inventory, giving you immediate feedback on your progress. Includes a send-in final exam.

Package includes: Includes pre- and post-tests; summary quizzes; thirty targeted lessons; practice exercises; self-study flash cards. The workbook also has innumerable tips, suggestions and practical illustrations.

Format: The goals and objectives of each chapter are clearly described to keep you focused on the material. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a pre-inventory test to assess the current skill level. After reading the chapter, there is a post-test to let you assess if you have mastered the topic.

Estimated length: Estimated length: One semester course at the college level. 40-60 hour industrial course. This timeline is dependent on an individual's reading and skill levels.

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