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GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 1994
Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994 

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The GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 1994 Tutorial
Click here to view a non-interactive demo of the GD&T Trainer's tutorial. This demo allows you to see the ease of navigation and the clear, concise lesson screens.

  • 3D PARTS

Animations Illustrate Concepts Clearly
GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 1994 features full color animations that help students clearly visualize concepts like how to inspect a geometric control. To view sample animations, click each of the thumbnails below.
animation animation animation
animation animation  

3D Solid Part Examples Aid in Understanding Concepts
GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 1994 features detailed, full color graphics, including 3D solid part examples. Click on the thumbnails below to see full-size samples.
3D part 3D part
3D part 3D part

Full-color Detailed Lesson Screens Encourage Student Interaction
The lesson screens of the GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 1994 contain clear definitions of concepts, detailed engineering drawings, and extra features like hotwords, authors' comments, and links to the full glossary of GD&T terms. Click on any screenshot below for a larger view.

The lesson index screen displays the course topics

lesson screen

Each lesson contains clear goals and objectives

lesson screen

Students answer questions and receive instant feedback

lesson screen


To ensure that all learning needs are met, the lessons contain 3 different question types. . .
Click on any screenshot below for a larger view.


question types

Fill in the blank

lesson types

Learning "extras" include...

Hotwords link to the Digital Design Dictionary with more than 200 terms


More than 100 Author's Comments by Alex Krulikowski that give extra insights into GD&T and its principles

author's comments


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