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GD&T Quick Reference
Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994

Available only in the GD&T Trainer
LAN, Site, and Corporate Versions

The GD&T Quick Reference

The perfect software resource for professionals who use
geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

The GD&T Quick Reference is a valuable resource only available in the GD&T Trainer LAN version, site, and corporate versions.
The GD&T Quick Reference is a valuable on-the-job resource for
designers, engineers, and inspectors who use GD&T. It includes explanations of over 200 GD&T topics, including full-color detailed graphics, hundreds of animations, and ASME Standard references — all in one convenient software package.

The GD&T Quick Reference software is integrated into the GD&T Trainer - LAN, site, and corporate versions only.

Call 1-800-886-0909 for more information.

The GD&T Quick Reference is the perfect complement to our GD&T Trainer training software. This computer-based reference tool is integrated into the latest version of the GD&T Trainer and makes and excellent GD&T resource. Take a look at the exciting features. Click on the links in the chart to see examples of each highlight.

GD&T Quick Reference Features and Benefits

Detailed drawings & graphics illustrate concepts
Explanations of 220 GD&T topics
Easy-to-read topic/description screens
Covers all aspects of GD&T fundamentals
Over 100 animations demonstrating concepts
3D solid parts for better visualization
Geometric control inspection animations
GD&T glossary of over 220 terms & concepts
Key GD&T terms cross-referenced with a GD&T glossary
Content referenced with ASME Standard
Geometric control application examples
Navigation between topics is quick and easy
Tutorial of course features

The GD&T Trainer Quick Reference can be used as: 

A desktop reference for GD&T topics
A refresher after training is through
A supplement to training 
A resource when practicing for GD&T certification 
An on-the-job reference 

The GD&T Quick Reference is recommended for anyone who uses GD&T on the job. It's the perfect tool for understanding geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

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Program Subjects and Topics
The software contains 220 topics categorized into 20 subject headings. The topics explain the terms, symbols, modifiers, rules, and basic concepts of geometric tolerancing as prescribed in ASME Y14.5M-1994. Concepts include:

Angularity (7)
Circularity (8)
Concentricity (9)
Datums - General (10)
Datums - Size (15)
Datum - Targets
Dimensions and Drawings (9)
Fastener Formulas (7)
Flatness (8)

Modifiers and Symbols (14)
Orientation Controls
Position (27)
Profile (13)
Rules and Concepts (20)
Runout (13)
Straightness (11)

For a more detailed view of the lesson objectives and goals, click here.

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Screenshots and Animations
The GD&T Quick Reference features detailed, colorful screens, with full color animations that demonstrate concepts and help users visualize important topics.

Take a look at a sample of an animated topic explanation. Click on the graphic to see the animation.

Each concept's definition is highlighted with colorful, detailed graphics, including 117 animated graphics.

Click on the graphics below to see the Subject Index and examples of "Hotwords."

Contains 220 topics that cover geometric tolerancing fundamentals. Topic explanations contain red "hotwords" that link instantly to the highlighted word's definition.

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ETI's Quick Reference Software
The GD&T Quick Reference software is only available in the GD&T Trainer, v3.5 (and newer) - LAN, site, and corporate versions only.
For more information, call 1-800-886-0909 or email


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