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Ultimate GD&T Pocket Guide
ASME Y14.5-1994

Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994


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Truly the Ultimate Pocket Guide on GD&T, this informative guide is the perfect on-the-job pocket reference for your GD&T needs. It's an economical reference tool you can’t afford to be without and a must for anyone who uses engineering drawings. Order one for each member of your team!

The Ultimate Pocket Guide on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is a handy reference tool in one convenient pocket-sized package. Carry it with you on the job and have a resource to all your GD&T questions at your fingertips.

This product is a valuable tool for: Designers; product, manufacturing, and quality engineers; CMM operators; checkers; GD&T instructors; consultants; training departments; and anyone else who uses GD&T on the job.

The pocket guide’s 77 information-packed pages contain:

— Over 50 detailed drawings to illustrate concepts

— Explanation of each GD&T symbol and modifier

— Examples of datum application

— Sections on surface texture and composite tolerancing

— A handy inch/millimeter conversion chart

— A conversion chart for coordinate measurement to diameter tolerance zone

— Full definitions of major concepts

Clarification of important rules and topics

Definitions of fixed and floating fastener formulas


It's the perfect training companion - GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide
The Fundamentals of GD&T Trainer and ETI's web-based fundamentals course are both cross-referenced with the GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide. During training sessions, the pocket guide pages summarize and reinforce topics being studied. After training, the pocket-sized reference can be carried on the job and utilized whenever it's needed.

Format: Pocket-sized booklet
ISBN: 0-924520-14-0
Publisher: Effective Training Inc.
Edition Desc: 1st

Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994

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