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ISO GPS Ultimate Pocket Guide:
A companion to the ISO 1101:2012 geometrical tolerancing standards

by Alex Krulikowski


Available in print or eBook format

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The ISO GPS Ultimate Pocket Guide explains the most common rules, symbols, and concepts in the ISO Geometrical Product Specifications System. Written by standards expert Alex Krulikowski, this valuable on-the-job reference clarifies how to interpret standard-compliant technical drawings that use ISO 1101:2012 and its companion published standards.

More than 15 standards were directly reviewed and more than 30 standards indirectly used in creating the book. One entire section is devoted to a quick comparison of ASME and ISO standards. Authorís comments throughout the text provide insights about concepts and how to apply or interpret geometrical tolerancing in a cost-effective manner.

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ISO standards information is compiled into logical sections with indexed page edges that allow the reader to quickly and easily look up information on a subject. Topics are cross-referenced for a quick, easy, on-the-job consultation. Comprehensive drawings and reference charts are provided throughout the pocket guide and inside the fold-out covers. Drawing interpretation is simplified because the tolerancing information is in one place, logically arranged, with illustrations of each concept.

Each topic in the ISO GPS Ultimate Pocket Guide references the appropriate ISO GPS standard so you can quickly find additional information for further study. Topics include:

  • GPS basics
  • View projection options
  • Linear size
  • Non-size dimensions
  • Datum systems
  • Geometrical tolerances
  • General tolerances
  • Non-rigid workpieces
  • Workpiece edges
  • ASME/ISO comparison

The book includes several features to help the reader find information quickly:

  • A visual index inside the front cover
  • Indexed page edges for each section
  • Numerous cross-references
  • Author's comments that provide insights about concepts
  • Spiral-binding allows it to lay flat
  • Comprehensive reference charts and drawings inside the fold-out covers

This one-of-a-kind reference guide eliminates the need to navigate through numerous ISO standards. Use it to learn about ISO standards, as on-the-job resource, or as a valuable teaching aid.

This book is a valuable tool for: Designers, engineers, inspectors and machinists will all appreciate the clear, compact, and highly accessible format of this guide.

Price: $39.95

Product #: PD027104
Format: 4 x 8-inch spiral-bound book, 141pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7680-8258-6
Publisher: Effective Training Inc. an SAE International company
Edition Desc: 1st

Also available in ebook format.

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