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ETI Celebrates 20 Years Providing GD&T Products and Services

Effective Training Inc. has been providing geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) products, training, and resources since August 1985. GD&T is an international language of symbols used on engineering drawings by thousands of companies worldwide to save time and money in the design and manufacturing process.

WESTLAND, Michigan - (August 2005) - Effective Training Inc. (ETI) is celebrating its twentieth year as a GD&T training and consulting corporation by offering a 20% savings on select products. GD&T stands for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, an international language of symbols used on engineering drawings to communicate design intent. It is used by thousands of manufacturers worldwide.

ETI was founded by Alex Krulikowski as a one-man operation in August 1985. The company now employs a team of professionals that provide GD&T products and training to thousands of organizations worldwide. The company's textbooks and other teaching materials are used in hundreds of educational institutions in the US, Canada, and overseas. Their self-study course and pocket guide have been translated into Spanish.

In the past 20 years, the name Krulikowski has become synonymous with GD&T. As a world renowned geometric tolerancing expert, he has often been referred to as "the doctor of dimensioning." He is the member of many national standards organizations, including the ASME Y14.5 Committee on Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and he served for six years as chairman of the Y14.41 Committee on Solid Model Dimensioning. He has published over 20 books and articles about GD&T, has created a dozen GD&T-related courses, and has developed a wide variety of products devoted to learning the topic.

"For me, the rewards of teaching go beyond the financial benefits," said Krulikowski. "I know that by teaching GD&T, I am providing the tools to help people grow and gain skills that will help them for a lifetime. It is a very satisfying career."

As technology has evolved, the demand for new types of GD&T training options has risen. In the past 20 years, Krulikowski has developed GD&T self-study courses, a video series, digital instructor kits, and a computer-based training program that has been sold to corporations worldwide. In 2003, ETI produced the GD&T Trainer Professional Edition, a new level of computer-based training that includes technical animations, audio narration, 3-D drawings, and other advanced features. This year, ETI unveiled their Fundamentals of GD&T web-based training [].

ETI provides GD&T onsite workshops to companies around the globe. They also offer a series of public workshops open to individuals throughout the United States that includes Krulikowski's new one-day Y14.41 solid model tolerancing workshop. It's the only course available that teaches the new international standard covering the use of GD&T on digital drawings. All of ETI's workshops are "hands-on" and based on adult learning principles.

ETI's website provides a variety of free GD&T resources, including an online newsletter, a discussion board, tech papers, a digital tolerancing forum, and a complete catalog of GD&T products that can be purchased through their online store. Their latest resources include a tool that calculates any company's potential savings using GD&T and a free GD&T skills survey that tests an individual's knowledge of tolerancing principles.

Visit ETI's website [] to learn more about Effective Training Inc. For more onsite workshop information - or to request a custom quote package - call 800-886-0909, or email


ETI timeline of products, services, and resources:

1985 Company founded by Alex Krulikowski
1986 Fundamentals of GD&T Self-Study Workbook ('82 Standard) 
1995 New Features 2-tape video highlighting differences in the '82 '94 standards 
1996 Self-Study Workbook, 1994
1997 Fundamentals Video Training, 10-tape, '94, complete video training course in GD&T fundamentals
1997 Website: created
GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide

1998 Online purchasing available
1999 GD&T Trainer software

2000 Digital Instructor's Kit: Fundamentals of GD&T
2001 ETI Discussion Board

2002 ETImail Online Newsletter

2002 Digital Tolerancing Forum
2003 ETI Learning Center - web-based GD&T training [first offer: The GM Addendum]
2004 GD&T Trainer Professional Edition
2004 Digital Instructor's Kit: Advanced Concepts of GD&T

2004 Digital Instructor's Kit: Tolerance Stacks
2004 Public Workshop Series
2005 Ultimate Pocket Guide Spanish-Language Version
2005 GD&T Potential Savings Calculator - free resource that calculates how much GD&T can save your company
2005 GD&T Free Skills Survey - free resource to test GD&T knowledge
2005 ETI Learning Center - web-based GD&T training [new course: Fundamentals of GD&T interactive training]

2005 GD&T Free Tolerance Stacks Skills Survey - free resource to test tolerance stacks knowledge
2006 Digital Design Dictionary - desktop research tool that defines over 200 technical terms used on engineering drawings


Alex Krulikowski

Known as the "Doctor of Dimensioning," Alex Krulikowski is a noted educator, author, consultant, and expert on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). As a design manager with one of the world's largest manufacturing corporations, he gained more than 30 years of industrial experience putting GD&T to practical use on the shop floor. 

Alex has a degree in industrial vocational education from Eastern Michigan University. He has taught GD&T to tens of thousands through his workshops and seminars, and to countless others through his books, self-study courses, videos, and computer-based training programs. Alex's appeal lies in his encyclopedic knowledge of geometric tolerancing, which he imparts in an accessible, down to earth manner. 

He is a member of the following organizations: 

  • National Committees on Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • The Society of Automotive Engineers
  • The American Society for Quality Control
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • The ASME Y14.5 Committee on Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • ASME Y14.41 Committee on Solid Model Tolerancing (Chairman)

Alex frequently speaks at engineering, educational, and designing conferences. His articles appear regularly in trade magazines, including Machine Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Magazine, and OEM Magazine. He also writes the featured article in each issue of ETImail, Effective Training’s quarterly online newsletter. As an expert on the new ASME Y14.41 on tolerancing of solid models, Alex has been quoted in Automotive Excellence and Automotive Industries magazines.

His textbook, The Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, has sold over 100,000 copies since publication. He has written numerous other books, workbooks, and self-study courses, and his products are used by thousands of colleges and organizations. Alex has also developed a highly respected computer-based training program, The GD&T Trainer Professional Edition, which is being used by corporations to train their employees worldwide.

As a consultant, Alex can:

  • Provide an expert interpretation of drawings for customers or suppliers 
  • Review product drawings for meaningfulness, reasonable tolerances, and critical tolerance stacks
  • Evaluate product designs before production release to reduce manufacturing, tooling, and gaging costs through proper specification of part tolerances
  • Assist in converting coordinate dimensions into geometric dimensions 
  • Review measurement plans 

In 1985, Alex founded Effective Training Inc. The company has become an internationally recognized leader in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.



Effective Training Inc., 2118 S. Wayne Rd., Westland, MI 48186
800-886-0909 · Fax: 734.728.1260 

Contact: Katherine Palmer
800-886-0909, ext. 31

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