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ETI knows the importance of the proper use of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in the design stage, and we are proud to be the number one site for free geometric tolerancing resources. Test your GD&T knowledge with our skills survey, try the GD&T calculator to see your company's potential savings using GD&T in the design stage, read our free newsletter with articles and tips about GD&T, and much much more.

All of the following resources are offered free from ETI:

GD&T Blog

GD&T Skills Assessments
(ASME Y14.5M-1994, Y14.5-2009, ISO GPS)

Tolerance Stacks Skills Assessment

GD&T Potential Cost-Saving Calculator

ETImail Articles

GD&T Technical (White) Papers

Free trial downloads of our
GD&T training software

ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Glossary

Tip of the Month

GD&T Glossary

GD&T Blog
The ETI blog announces new products and services, keeps you updated about our public training schedules, and lets you know about Alex’s speaking engagements and newly published articles. However, the heart of the blog is dedicated to GD&T.


We keep you up to date on the new standard and inform you about new developments in industry that involve quality issues. There is a Q/A portion where you can ask Alex his expert opinion and see comments that follow from other readers. Alex offers tolerancing insights culled from his years of experience working with GD&T on the job and teaching GD&T to thousands around the globe.

Alex also provides training and mentoring tips on how to keep companies up to speed on geometric tolerancing so they remain competitive in the global industrial marketplace. He gives tips for those who are learning the fundamentals, as well as those who are ready to tackle the system approach for component tolerancing. Read the blog.

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GD&T Skills Assessments

ASME Y14.5M-1994
The GD&T Online Skills Assessments are the latest in a series of free resources available from ETI. The 1994 assessment measures an individual's skill level in the application and interpretation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, based on Y14.5M-1994.

ASME Y14.5-2009
The 2009 assessment measures the skill level based on Y14.5-2009. Both resources are designed to help users assess which GD&T topics they understand and what amount of GD&T training is needed.

ISO Geometrical Tolerancing
The ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Skills Assessment measures how well an individual understands the correct application and interpretation of ISO geometrical tolerancing. The assessment is designed to challenge your geometrical tolerancing knowledge so you can can identify ISO training needs.

Try One of Our Free GD&T Skills Assessments Today
The surveys were developed by ETI's founder, Alex Krulikowski, a GD&T expert with over 30 years of industry experience.

Click below to try one of the
GD&T skills assessments



Each online 25-question survey takes minutes to complete. They can be used by individuals for personal assessment or by companies who would like to test whole departments.

The scoring for all three assessments is in the form of a percentage, and includes a list of which GD&T concepts have been mastered. Results are emailed to individuals or training managers within two business days. There is no cost involved and no purchase required.

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Tolerance Stacks Skills Survey
The Tolerance Stacks Skills Survey is a free resource from ETI that measures how well an individual can use tolerance stacks to determine part distances, or assembly conditions, like clearances, or part travel. The survey also helps measure how much the user knows about design analysis using geometric tolerances in stacks.

Try the Free GD&T Skills Survey Today
Developed by ETI's founder, Alex Krulikowski, the online 6-question survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It can be used by individuals for personal assessment or by companies who would like to test whole departments.

Click here to try the
Tolerance Stacks Skills Survey

The scoring is in the form of a percentage, and includes a list of which GD&T concepts have been mastered. Results are emailed to individuals or training managers within two business days. There is no cost involved and no purchase required.

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GD&T Potential Cost-Saving Calculator
The GD&T Cost-Saving Calculator is the latest free resource from ETI. The calculator is a tool that helps companies understand the amount of unnecessary expenditures each year due to employees not knowing how to correctly apply and interpret GD&T.

A better understanding of GD&T can decrease costs associated with:

  • Creating, interpreting and revising drawings
  • Communicating or interpreting design requirements for suppliers and manufacturing
  • Manufacturing expenses

Click here to try the
GD&T Potential Savings Calculator

The calculator can be used at the company, division, department or project level. It analyzes your data and estimates the annual savings your organization will realize in each aspect of design, inspection, and production. Enter information for whatever scope of analysis you wish to perform.Tool tips provide assistance with understanding data entry.

Even if you estimate conservatively, you'll be amazed at the impact GD&T will have on an organization's ability to cut costs.

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ETImail: The Online GD&T Newsletter
ETImail was a regular online publication devoted to Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. Each edition featured a host of GD&T resources and links, as well as dimensioning tips by noted GD&T author and ETI founder, Alex Krulikowski.To view past issues of ETImail, see the archives.

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GD&T Technical (White) Papers
This section offers a selection of papers related to GD&T. They were written by Alex Krulikowski and published in various trade magazines. We have also included a response to one of Alex's papers.

Learn the Language of GD&T 
Quality Magazine / May 1997
 Ten Questions for Selecting
A GD&T Training Source 
The Seven Deadly Sins of GD&T 
Minding Mechanical Specifications Pays Off in Production
OEM Mechanicals
Standards Issues on
Digital Drawings

A white paper
 Standards Issues on
Digital Drawings
A second opinion by Lea Irwin
GD&T Improves Inspection
Quality Magazine / Nov. 2002

ASME Y14.5 Proposal on
Feature of Size

A presentation for ASME
May 2005

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ETI's Tip of the Month
Since ETI began publishing ETImail, we have stopped featuring a "Tip of the Month." However, the tips related to using GD&T can still be accessed here.

GD&T Glossary (ASME Y14.5 1994 & 2009)
Because GD&T is such a precise language, it involves a great many topics and terms. Here is a complete list of topics that are involved in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing fundamentals, with a short definition of each. See the glossary.

ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Glossary (ISO 1101:2004 and its companion published standards)
As the globalization of manufacturing continues, the ISO standards will play a more significant role in the U.S.  If your company is interested in global sourcing and learning how to read drawings created in other countries, ETI's ISO Geometrical Tolerancing workshop is vital to your success. See the glossary.

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