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ETI’s onsite workshops can now be scheduled through instructor-led live web training. GD&T live web training is just like a classroom workshop, but it’s delivered and attended entirely over the internet. Our live web training isn’t an automated program; it’s an authentic real-time classroom with an instructor teaching concepts and answering questions live over the internet.

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GD&T live web training provides all the features of the traditional onsite classroom: it’s comprehensive, interactive, and allows the instructor and students the ability to give, receive, and discuss information. It also provides advantages beyond traditional training: it’s convenient, cost-effective and allows flexible scheduling, while still offering all the benefits of face-to-face delivery. It fills the gap between classroom training and self-paced e-learning.


The Advantages of GD&T Live Web Training

Save Time and Money
GD&T live web training eliminates travel time and expenses. You pay for the training, not the additional administrative costs of flights, hotels, and rental cars. Live web training allows companies located throughout the world to take advantage of ETI courses with convenient scheduling options that often aren’t feasible or affordable with traditional onsite training.

Arrange Flexible Scheduling
Despite a vital need for GD&T training and implementation, many companies can’t afford for employees to be away from the jobsite two or three days in a one-week period. Training needs often go unmet due to looming projects and deadlines. With live web training, any workshop can be broken into convenient training blocks within a 2-week period, and the company’s need for training can be fulfilled with less disruption to critical production schedules.

For an illustration of the flexibility of the GD&T live web training scheduling options, compare the two tables below

live web training

Receive Standardized Training When You Need it Most
Different instructors use different teaching styles. With instructor-led GD&T live web training, your employees can receive the same quality of training by the same instructor every time. Your company can be assured of standardized training and content presentation because more students can be reached by one instructor. You can also receive training if you need it urgently, because instructors are more readily available when travel arrangements aren’t required

When compared with traditional onsite training or public seminars, ETI’s instructor-led GD&T live web training has many advantages. Live web training:

  • Gives companies access to instructors who might not normally come to their area
  • Allows an ETI workshop to be broken into a schedule that meets company time constraints
  • Eliminates instructor travel time and the expenses that add to training costs
  • Reduces the unproductive time and expense of sending employees to external workshops
  • Allows companies to maintain better site security
  • Lets companies schedule courses at their chosen pace
  • Includes multimedia and one-on-one training similar to traditional workshops
  • Allows ETI’s top-notch GD&T experts to present anywhere in the world, in any time zone

As Interactive as a Traditional Workshop
With the adoption of broadband and live video, live web training has become interactive and collaborative. Our instructor leads the class step-by-step through a traditional ETI workshop. The training includes question and answer sessions, working through exercises, and instructor insights and comments tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Live web training allows full participation between students and instructor.

ETI’s live web training includes:

  • Live video of our certified GD&T instructor
  • Real time audio communication through direct dial or the computer
  • ETI’s instructional presentation and materials
  • Desktop/application sharing where participants can view anything the presenter has shown on screen
  • Annotation tools that allow the instructor to highlight and better illustrate concepts
  • Technical support for live web training setup
  • A 30-minute pre-session that includes audio, video, and internet software optimization

No Special Equipment Required
Live web training doesn’t require specialized equipment. It runs in a web browser, and the technology required is commonly found in most organizations.

To take advantage of a GD&T live web workshop, you need:

  • A conference or training room
  • A computer & multimedia projector
  • High-speed internet access (T1 or faster)
  • Phone line for teleconferencing
  • A web cam (optional)
gdt live web training


GD&T live web training is fast becoming a preferred training alternative. If your company is interested in learning more about this convenient and affordable new training option, contact ETI at 1-800-886-0909 or email

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