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 Volume 2

Issue 10

· Featured Article: What are the Major Benefits of Adopting the ASME 2009 Y14.5 Standard?

· ETI News: New Features Comparison Chart Set

Issue 9

· Featured Article: How Similar are the Y14.5 1994 and 2009 Standards?

· ETI News: Public workshop calendar for 2013

Issue 8

· Featured Article: Five Language Mastery Tips That Can Be Used With GD&T

· Alex's Tech Tip: ISO geometrical tolerancing ebook

· ETI Mailbag: Question about inseparable assembly drawings

· Web Highlights: Adding value for true position measurement

Issue 6

· Featured Article: How Good are Your Company Drawings

· Standards in the News: Bad solder costs $21 million

· ETI Mailbag: Question about "initial pickup" dimensions

· Web Highlights: Back to Basics: The Symbology Behind GD&T

Issue 4

· Featured Article: ETI's 20th Anniversary special: Alex answers the top 10 GD&T questions (part 2)

· Standards in the News: Product traceability systems play an increasing role in manufacturing processes

· TechTip: Web-based training options have improved

· Web Highlights: Enterprise metrology closing the loop with MCAD

Issue 3

· Featured Article: ETI's 20th Anniversary special: Alex answers the top 10 GD&T questions

· Standards in the News: Not meeting standards results in costly problems

· TechTip: Access hundreds of design terms with new Digital Design Dictionary

· Web Highlights: Explanation of GD&T

Issue 2

· Featured Article: A Tale of Two Companies: How GD&T Saves Money in Design and Production

· ETI Mailbag: Datum plane callouts and datum targets

· TechTip: Calculate your protential savings using GD&T

· Web Highlights: The importance of a solid training program

Issue 1

· Featured Article: A Tale of Two Cultures: Rewarding Skills That Enhance Job Performance

· Standards in the News: A standards issue slows down new technology

· ETI Mailbag: Checking profile of a surface; total runout on an OD of a shaft

· TechTip: Great industry resources available online

· Web Highlights: CAD-integrated inspection planning

  Volume 1

Issue 12

· Featured Article: Math-based development processes and Y14.41

· Standards in the News: A tolerancing issue causes bicycle lock problems

· ETI Mailbag: Design intent issues, true position RFS, sectional views

· TechTip: Great resource about how to develop optimal tolerance specifications

· Web Highlights:All about standards

Issue 11

· Featured Article: How to train employees in a tough economy

· Standards in the News: The importance of software standards

· ETI Mailbag: Datum simulation, report profiles, and "GD&T" in ASME Y14.5M-1994

· TechTip: The top 21 reasons to use GD&T on low volume parts

· Web Highlights:ASME Standard for CAD and why GD&T is important to design

Issue 10

· Featured Article: Measurement Uncertainty

· Standards in the News: The beginning of standardization in the U.S.  

· ETI Mailbag: Specifying center drill holes and perpendicularity applied to a hole axis 

· TechTip: Keeping track of CAD files 

· Web Highlights:Simplifying tolerancing methods 

Issue 9

· Featured Article: The Tao of Tolerancing, Part V: The 21 Tao Tolerancing Principles 

· Standards in the News: Alliance to form standards for mobile chips 

· ETI Mailbag: Rule # 1 and title block (angular) tolerances 

· TechTip: Newly discovered benefits of web-based training 

· Web Highlights: Cost Effective Casting Design: What Every Component Designer Should Know 

Issue 8

· Featured Article: The Tao of Tolerancing, Part IV: From Tolerancing Hell to Tolerancing Heaven

· Standards in the News: Web services need standards

· ETI Mailbag: Locating a thru hole

· TechTip: Teaching versus presenting

· Web Highlights: Musings on Datums and Essential Training Steps

Issue 7

· Featured Article: The Tao of Tolerancing, Part III: How to Establish Meaningful Tolerance

· Standards in the News: China works to create rock climbing standards

· ETI Mailbag: Gagemakers tolerances 

· TechTip: A book that helps solve measurement uncertainty

· Web Highlights: Improving E-learning Outcomes; Virtual Measurement Issue 7 

Issue 6

· Featured Article: The Tao of Tolerancing, Part II: The System Approach to Component Design

· Standards in the News: Scientists and engineers work together to save lives

· ETI Mailbag: New printable version of ETImail

· TechTip: Great new ISO technical drawings book

· Web Highlights: E-learning saves time and money; Portable CMMs on the rise

Issue 5

· Featured Article: The Tao of Tolerancing, Part I: Nominal Thinking 

· Standards in the News: Chrysler combats poor quality standards in parts from suppliers 

· Web Highlights include Metal Furniture Makers and Medical Device Manufacturers Use GD&T 

· Other Features: Tech Calendar; Quality Quote of the month 

Issue 4

· Choosing between dedicated functional gaging and flexible variable measurement, see the advantages and disadvantages of each in this month's featured article: "Measurement Methods: Functional vs. Variable."

· Web Highlights include a look at metrology data in "Good Parts, Good Measurements," a feature on reducing part measurement inspection time, and an article on the importance of GD&T.

· Standards in the News looks at how a lack of standards blocks supply-chain automation, and the Tech Tip of the month describes "The 10 Worst Dimensioning Habits."

· Other Issue 04 features include: the ETI mailbag, feedback from past issues, the ETI Tech Calendar, and more.

Issue 3

· By providing uniformity in drawing specification and interpretation, GD&T reduces controversy, guesswork, and assumptions throughout the manufacturing process. See the seven GD&T advantages that add up to significant savings in production.

· Web Highlights include a look at how the Internet has impacted team work by creating "virtual teams," and some very expensive parts that leave "No Room for Error."

· Standards in the News looks at how a lack of standards causes problems for open source software companies, and the Tech Tip of the month gives some great study principles.

· Other Issue 03 features include: the ETImail bag, feedback from past issues, the ETI Tech Calendar, and more.

Issue 2

· To benefit from GD&T, companies must understand and eliminate common myths about it. Alex examines these false ideas and explains the benefits of GD&T in his article: The Nine Myths of GD&T.

· A lack of standards is prevalent in all aspects of life, sometimes even in computer viruses; see Standards in the News.

· Other Issue 02 features include: a look at controlling tolerances, the Tech Calendar, the ETImail bag, Alex's Tech Tips and more.

Issue 1

· Composite position tolerancing can be confusing. Alex eliminates the confusion with his article: The Nine Rules of Composite Position Tolerancing.

· Lack of standards in product development has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars; see Standards in the News.

· Take a look at computer-based training trends, check out our tech calendar and the ETImail bag, and more.


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