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The main article by Alex Krulikowski may be reprinted free for use by your organization if our Reprint Policy is followed:

· You have our advance permission to use this in any form you choose. However, we ask that you contact us to let us know you are using the article.

· Alex Krulikowski's name and ETI's web address ( must appear in all reprinted articles. If the article appears on a website or in an e-zine, the article must include a link to the ETImail website page where it appeared.

· We ask that, whenever possible, you provide us with a clip or copy of the article after it has appeared, along with the name and contact information of the publication in which it appeared.

· You may use and edit the article any way you prefer, including taking credited quotes from it.

· We do not grant permission to reproduce these articles, or any portion thereof, for sale in any manner, whether it is as a stand-alone article, bundled in a product, as a special report, e-report, e-book, CD, web download, or as part of any electronic, audio or hard-copy product. We do accept inquiries about selling you reprint rights where you might want to sell this information in some form. Please contact us in advance for express written permission for resale.

Reprint Policy for other articles in ETImail

The articles in ETImail are free for reproduction but each must be reproduced in its entirety with credit given to the author and a link to included.

Suggested logo and statement usage

We do not require, but suggest the use of our ETI or ETImail logo to accompany any reprinted article:

We do not require, but suggest that this statement be included:

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