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Medical Device Company Selects ETI

A Fortune 500 medical device company wanted to expand its internal GD&T training, but first wanted to evaluate if its current provider was the best available choice for clear and effective GD&T instructional material.

An evaluation team was commissioned to identify a "best of breed" GD&T instructional training material provider, and recommend whether to stay with the current provider or change providers. As leader of the evaluation team, Jim Beary (now with a Tier-1 automotive supplier) describes the approach:

We needed to benchmark our then-current provider's GD&T instructional kits and materials with at least 3 other vendors. It was understood that any new vendor's offerings could not just be better; they needed to be assessed as providing significant additional value in order to justify the costs that come with change.

Result: The evaluation team's assessment judged that the GD&T instructional materials produced by Effective Training Inc. met their criteria and delivered significant extra value to recommend the change, which was implemented.

From the executive report out, the team found that...

...the instruction presentations and materials offered by ETI are the most complete, thorough, and user-friendly, and are what we recommended that be adopted for future ASME Y14.5M-1994 GD&T fundamentals, advanced concepts, and tolerance stack instruction.

We found the ETI presentations and student materials both to be more complete, and better-structured for learning and reference than the [current vendor's] programs we presently use. We also currently have the ETI GD&T Trainer program and ETI Digital Design Dictionary on our internal network for individual instruction, and adopting ETI's training for our GD&T classes would result in consistency throughout the division and beyond both during and after class when the knowledge must be applied.

For us to modify or update the existing GD&T and tolerance stack presentations would be extremely time-consuming, and the resulting quality would still not be up to the level of the existing ETI presentations and materials we're recommending for purchase.

Jim Beary, PMP, GDTP-S
GD&T Instructor
Gage Leader, Evaluation Team Leader

Below is a table of "Pros & Cons" assessments compiled by Jim's Evaluation Team. Effective Training's materials (Vendor 4) have nearly triple the positive comments when compared to the other three vendors. The only negative comment regarding black and white textbooks has now been resolved. Our newest textbook, The Fundamentals of GD&T Using Critical Thinking Skills (based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard), is now printed in full-color.

It's clear that ETI provides top-quality materials and training. To learn more about the ETI difference in GD&T instructional materials, contact ETI Sales at (734) 744-5940.

Medical Device Manufacturer's Assessment of
Four Vendors' Instructional Materials

Vendor 1
  1. Editable PowerPoint presentations enable company-specific examples to be added
  2. Color animated slides and color printed books
  3. Book section reference given on slides for students
  4. Full model set to use as examples during training
  1. Unclear table of content
  2. No index or glossary in book
  3. No indicator shown when animation or slide is complete
  4. Irrelevant and/or confusing slides and information in presentations
  5. Slides and book give examples before definitions — confusing for students new to GD&T
  6. Errors in slides
  7. Requested correction to vendor for item above but was not done
  8. Outdated references in material
  9. Slides not numbered in presentation for reference
  10. Slides not named for ease of location in presentation (right click, go to slide #)
  11. Instructor notes necessary for slide understanding and instruction are inaccessible during presentation
Vendor 2
  1. Color animated slides and color printed books
  2. Editable PowerPoint presentations enable  company-specific examples to be added
  3. Clear and organized table of contents
  4. Index in back of book
  5. Full model set to use as examples during training
  1. 1994 version animations and graphics not as good as 2009 version reviewed
  2. Shouldn’t use or teach 2009 GD&T yet due to ProE and PC-DMIS limitations
  3. No set agenda for class — would need to take time to develop in-house
  4. Too much information and content to get through without clear presentation agenda
  5. Some confusing / irrelevant information in book and presentation
  6. Doesn’t offer Print Reading, Advanced GD&T, or Gaging as instruction kits for purchase
  7. Advanced concepts are mentioned too early (e.g. limits and fits)
Vendor 3
  1. Owner is very involved and active in wanting to help implement his GD&T teaching system and work with us
  2. Clear and organized table of contents
  3. Full model set to use as examples during training
  1. Definition and interpretation differences from ASME Y14.5 standard
  2. Too much information on slides — too condensed
  3. Too much text vs. pictures on slides
  4. No index or glossary in book
  5. Slides and book content differ in some cases
  6. Slides and book give examples before definitions — confusing
  7. Words in text are confusing
  8. Books do not include definitions — incomplete for student reference after class
  9. Books and slide illustrations in black and white
  10. Book print faded on some pages
  11. Full model set extremely expensive
  12. Significant training and information would be required to teach using this method
  13. Slides and book give examples before definitions — confusing
  14. Don't offer Print Reading, Gaging, or Tolerance stack instruction kits

Vendor 4 -

Effective Training

  1. Clear and organized table of contents
  2. Index and glossary in back of book
  3. Indicator shown when animation or slide is complete
  4. No unclear or irrelevant information presented
  5. Definitions given before examples to avoid confusion
  6. Slides numbered and book page reference given on slides for students
  7. No instructor notes needed to understand slides or animations
  8. Presentation slides and books exactly match the vendor's training software, reference guides, and digital design dictionary resulting in consistency
  9. Slides all named for ease of location in presentation (right click, go to slide #)
  10. Book complete enough to use for reference on how to apply any topics covered
  11. Clear 2 or 3 day class agenda for instructor and students to follow
  12. Vendor has five matching courses (Print Reading, Fundamentals of GD&T, Advanced GD&T, Gaging and Inspection, and Tolerance Stacks) that build upon one-another in
    a clear progression for consistency of training and learning for students
  1. Black and white printed books




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