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Effective Training has been in the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing business since 1985. Since that time, we've been pleasing our customers with our excellent GD&T training products, our superior workshops, and our unsurpassed reference materials.

ETI founder Alex Krulikowski's professional teaching credentials combine with his GD&T expertise to make ETI world renowned for our training and products. We offer software, books, self-study workbooks, videos, charts, instructor kits, a website packed with geometric tolerancing resources, and a monthly online GD&T newsletter.

A Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer chose ETI's instructional materials over three other companies.

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As an independent professional trainer, I teach Introduction to GD&T [for a local] Community College. I recommended that they order this text for the students in the past and will recommend these texts in the future. — Richard S.

...Of all the training materials/pocket guides reviewed to date, we have found yours to be the clearest and most useful. — John E., John Deere

Fundamentals Self-Study Workbook
The examples and drawing used in each lesson enhance your understanding of the concepts and application of geometric controls and modifiers. I learned more from this one workbook than I did from attending three GD&T seminars/workshops. — Perry B., Project Manager, Stryker Instruments

Your GD&T Self-Study Workbook has been a great aid for my inspection course. A lot of questions and discussions get resolved with it's use. — Michael L., Orange County Training Center

I am presently working through the Self-Study Workbook and I have never used GD&T material that was this easy to understand. I am looking forward to purchasing the Advanced Concepts textbook. — Dave K., AAI Corp.

Advanced Concepts of GD&T
I have been conducting basic GD&T training for our design and manufacturing departments using your materials. We got 18 copies of Fundamentals of GD&T to use as the main reference text, and a pocket guide for everyone to have at their work station. I have been using the Industrial Applications workbook, Advanced Concepts textbook and Tolerance Stacks course on my own to learn how to specify GD&T properly. I love the material—I would say that my GD&T knowledge has doubled or tripled in the last 6 months from using these books. — Evan J., Axymetrix Quality Engineering

The extensive use of visuals was superb, and the way you brought out the thinking behind GD&T was second to none!
Dan C., Lucas Varity and Delta College

Tolerance Stacks
The books I ordered, Advanced [Concepts of] GD&T and Tolerance Stack[s] Self Study, arrived and they are also excellent.. — Chris M., ITC

As a senior designer with Ohmeda Medical, I have many responsibilities including the training of designers and engineers in the use of Geometric Tolerancing, Dimensioning and Tolerancing Stacks. Today, Ohmeda Medical recommends that each engineer and designer complete this course. The successful results that the Tolerance Stacks course has produced is evident in our declining number of Change Orders being written to correct errors in our designs.
Ed F., Senior Designer, Ohmeda Medical

The GD&T Trainer
It's a winner! — Brent D., Ford Motor Company

Great drawings that effectively illustrate course material. — Mike L., Eastman Kodak Company

The GD&T Trainer has definitely reduced our training budget. — Ron H., Stanadyne

The GD&T Trainer has worked very well for our training goals. It eliminates the expense of one-on-one training with an administrator or manager acting as an instructor. — Rick B., J.S. McNamara

I had no formal training in GD&T fundamentals, except for a brief chapter in college. I quickly discovered that it wasn't enough. The GD&T Trainer has definitely helped me. It's a fun way to learn fundamentals, better than reading a textbook! — Chris O., Accent Color Sciences

I often use the reference section; it's very helpful for resolving problems. — Rey R., UGS

The GD&T Trainer provides a fast, effective and enjoyable way to learn a complicated topic. — T.M. K., Honeywell

Every year our engineers, quality control inspectors, and operators are cycled through the program. — Doug P., Manitowoc Tool and Machine

Our company saved $5,000 in the six months we've had The GD&T Trainer. — Todd K., Injectronics

The majority of users achieve a passing score on the final exam. — Fred H., Methode Electronics

I learned GD&T the modern way: I used the GD&T Trainer. — John H., Aerorjet

The overall design was very good and it was easy to follow. — Karl S., Johnson Controls Inc.

Any topic can be easily reviewed over and over. — Mary H., Polaris Industries

We use The GD&T Trainer both in the training lab and as a job site reference. — Jim P., Translogic

What I like the most is the ability to go back and forth within a lesson. If the user wants to review something or go back to a previous screen, he/she can do this easily. This was not just a page flipper. — Paul D., Raytheon TI Systems

GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide - ASME Y14.5M-1994
You certainly gave it the right name. I'm truly impressed with the amount of useful information it contains.
Timothy Graves, President, Dimensional Management Systems



trainingBest GD&T course I have attended in 20 years.

Lisa B., Visteon Corporation

Training at your facility with you and all the people at ETI has been an excellent experience for me.

Greg W., Visteon Corporation

Very well organized and a lot of information. The training exceeded my expectations.

Alex C., Johnson Controls

This training exceeded my expectations, and it will help me to produce a better part.

Janet T., General Motors of Canada

Fundamentals of GD&T, based on ASME Y14.5-2009 (90-day web-based course)

This course is one of the best I have taken. I needed to get a basic understanding of GD&T to qualify for a job - and with this training, I had what I needed in three days.

I learned as much from the quizzes as the course work. At the end of the quizzes, the correct answers are revealed. Study the correct answers - take the quiz a second or third time.You will learn as much from the quizzes as the course work.

I confused myself with a concept and called ETI to get untangled - expecting no body to be available. I was astonished to get a call from an ETI instructor a day later. He spent a half hour with me on the phone, and got me sorted right out. That just doesn't happen much these days, and I really appreciate it.

The course is worth far more than what ETI charges. It is a bargain. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Matt Callaway

I am pleased with your web site. I would enjoy reading your tips and discussing with my employees. We all seem to be lacking GD&T skills and this will help keep the momentum up. — Bill M., Gilmore Valve Company

websiteThe Tao of Tolerancing, in Issues 4-9
I thought the Nominal Thinking article was excellent, and I can't wait to read the other parts in the series. —- Evan Janeshewski, Axymetrix Quality Engineering

So far, these articles have maintained my utmost interest. I am looking forward to the remaining 3 articles and maybe some guidance toward a more practical/hands on approach to geometric tolerancing applications. —- A. Hannan, Measurement Specialties

This article in 5 parts is very interesting. I am anxious to read your next book, System Approach for Component Design, that will help us to minimize our product cost and improve customer satisfaction without any sacrifice on the quality. I read those articles more than 5 times. I [am trying] to discover what I can do to sell it to my management. — Gilles Fournier, Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Joining up after being referred to the 'Tao' article by a colleague. — Mick S., Visteon

Thanks for these invaluable articles so useful to us. — Carlos H., CIAT, Queretaro, Mexico

I was sent a link for Volume 01: Issue 8 of your newsletter and I have both enjoyed reading the content and learning more about a field I am becoming passionate about ... tolerancing and GD&T principles. Please send me more! I have spent some time in your archived issues and was impressed by the quality of information contained within them.
Diana Onan, North American Ride Control, Tenneco Automotive

I found your condensed rules for Composite Position Tolerancing helpful and interesting. It has prompted me to open up my [Fundamentals of GD&T] book and read the section you obviously have spent quite a bit of time with to be able to boil down the contents to your Nine Rules.
David L.


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