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gd&t training pyramid

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This infographic explains the different levels of GD&T proficiency. ETI recommends that training be taken in this order, with our mentoring and/or consulting services being utilized to reinforce the training on the job.

Mentoring or consulting may involve a variety of project activities. It solves real on-the-job problems, provides feedback on application of class principles, and benefits both the employee and the project. We create or review drawings, tolerance stacks, inspection reports, gauging designs; resolve interdepartmental issues or work processes to ensure the dimensioning is specified and interpreted.

What type of training options do I have?

ETI gives you lots of options. We provide training onsite and through public workshops, and both are available in our live web training format. We have several self-study options, including workbooks, videos, computer-based training, and online training.

ETI teaches onsite workshops to organizations around the world.

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ET2011 Advanced Concepts of GD&T 1994 3-Day
ET2512 Applications of GD&T 1994 & 2009 2-Day
ET8000 ASME Y14.5 1994-2009 Comparison 1-Day
ET2025 ASME to ISO Standards Comparison 1-Day
ET2421 Critical Concepts of Tolerance Stacks 1994 2-Day
ET1701 Critical Concepts of Tolerance Stacks 2009 2-Day
ET2701 Engineering Drawing Requirements 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!
ET8200 Functional Gaging and Measurement 2-Day
ET2001 Fundamentals of GD&T 1994 3-Day
ET1151 Fundamentals of GD&T 2009 3-Day
ET2053 Fundamentals of GD&T for Inspectors 2-Day
ET2726 GD&T for Manufacturing 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!
ET2055 Intro to Statistical Tolerance Stacks 1-Day- Exclusively from ETI!
ET7100 ISO Geometrical Tolerancing 3-Day
ET2501 Solid Model Tolerancing 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!

Interested in training a group of employees? Have questions about onsite training costs and scheduling? Fill out our online training quote form to get answers.

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All ETI workshops can be customized to use your drawings. Contact ETI at 800-886-0909, and let us help you find the best training option for your organization.

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How can I train with a small budget?
A small training budget is no longer a hindrance to effective, comprehensive GD&T training. Companies seeking a cost-effective GD&T training option can find it through computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT).

Because of advancing technology, computer-based training now contains features that rival classroom. In fact, ETI's GD&T Trainer utilizes technological innovations that give our GD&T training feedback and aspects previously available only in the classroom.

Web-based training can provide an affordable option either through the Internet or your company's intranet. Employees train from home or on the job.

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How can I train consistently at all my plants?
ETI's distance learning options GD&T training allow you to train employees consistently at locations around the world. All employees receive the same course content, developed by GD&T expert Alex Krulikowski.

With computer-based, web-based, and live web GD&T training, you know everyone is receiving the same training by the same instructor. You can also choose the most convenient times to train around busy production schedules.

Read more about it —

Read more about the cost-saving benefits of computer-based training in an article by Alex Krulikowski: "You Can Afford Training: Computer-Based Training Provides Economical Training During Tough Financial Times" (ETImail Volume I, Issue 11)

Read about ETI founder Alex Krulikowski, and why his GD&T training products are the number one choice throughout the world.

Read about the industry professionals who teach for us: ETI's instructors.

Read about ETI's history of products and services.

ETI Provides More GD&T Training Options Than Any Other Company

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Do you know how to use stacks to determine part distances or assembly conditions? Do you understand design analysis using geometric tolerances in stacks?

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How well do you know GD&T? Do you know the symbols, requirements, tolerance zones, and limitations?

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