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The History of ETI

In 2014, SAE International bolstered its engineering fundamentals portfolio of GD&T learning products by acquiring ETI. SAE International is a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source for the engineering profession. ETI products have been integrated into SAE International’s portfolio, and Alex Krulikowski has joined the SAE International staff, helping to develop new programs and courses.

Effective Training, Inc. (ETI) is an internationally recognized leader in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). Company founder Alex Krulikowski is a noted GD&T expert, educator and author of more than 20 books and articles on the subject. Alex gained more than 30 years of industrial experience as design supervisor with one of the world's largest manufacturing corporations. He also has a degree in industrial vocational education from Eastern Michigan University. 

The company’s formation and growth
In 1985, Alex decided to utilize his GD&T knowledge and to fulfill his desire to teach by founding ETI. Since its inception, ETI has provided expert GD&T training for students, educational institutions and corporations. The company has become world-renowned for its fine products and knowledgeable trainers. ETI currently employs a staff of professionals who aid in the development and marketing of GD&T training products and teach workshops throughout the world. 

Our expanding product line
Alex is a member of several standards committees, so all ETI products are up to date with the current standards. He also has extensive experience in industry, so our teaching materials are geared to a practical approach that enables the knowledge to be transferred to the workplace. Over the years, our product line has expanded from textbooks, workbooks, and charts to videos and software. Instructor kits are available with full-color slides packages or on a CD-ROM with digital transparencies and printable teaching materials. Materials have also been translated into Spanish.

The website
The company continues to evolve. With the formation of its website ( in 1997, ETI has become an unsurpassed GD&T resource. The site includes an online ordering system that includes information on all our products and a section that highlights the many services and workshops ETI can provide for your company.

The ETImail online newsletter
In 2002, ETI began producing ETImail: an online GD&T newsletter. Each issue includes full-length articles by Alex, information on the ASME standards, and a mailbag with answers to GD&T questions. The newsletter archives are available on the website.

More GD&T resources and cutting-edge training options
In 2005, the GD&T Cost-Saving Calculator was added to the site. The calculator is a free tool that helps companies understand the amount of unnecessary expenditures each year due to employees not knowing how to correctly apply and interpret GD&T. That same year, ETI added two free skills surveys. Visitors can access these short surveys anytime to see how well they know GD&T fundamentals, or to test their skills at tolerance stacks. In 2008, ETI began offering live web training and started a blog that provides GD&T insights, answers to technical questions, and information about new products and services.

ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO Geometrical Tolerancing
The release of the new ASME Y14.5 standard in 2009 fostered a host of new workshops and products, beginning with comparison charts, an updated pocket guide, onsite and public courses. In addition to the 2009 standard products, ETI branched out with their first ISO geometrical tolerancing resource. Alex Krulikowski's ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Guide clarifies interpreting standard-compliant technical drawings that use ISO 1101:2004 and its companion published standards. It guides the user as to which ISO standards should be referenced on a drawing and what the standards cover.

Future products and services
ETI will continue to add products, training, and resources, including new courses, software, textbooks, and workbooks based on ASME and ISO standards. The company will continue to implement new technology as it becomes available, taking full advantage of any and all improvements that can be utilized in their products and training.

Timeline of ETI milestones, products, services, and resources:

  • 1985-1999
  • 2000-2009
  • 2010-present
1985 – Company founded by Alex Krulikowski
1985 – Fundamentals of GD&T Course (’82 Standard)

1986 – Fundamentals of GD&T Self-Study Workbook (’82 Standard)

1987 – Tolerance Stacks Course

1995 – New Features Course highlighting differences in the ’82 – ’94 standards  
1995 – New Features – 2-tape video
1995 – Fundamentals of GD&T Course (’94 Standard)*

1996 – Self-Study Workbook, 1994

1997 – Fundamentals Video Training, 10-tape, ’94, GD&T fundamentals
1997 – Website: created
1997GD&T Ultimate Pocket Guide ('94 Standard)

1998 – Online purchasing available

1999 – GD&T Trainer software (Fundamentals '94)
2004 Advanced Concepts of GD&T Course ('94 Standard)
2000 – Digital Instructor’s Kit: Fundamentals of GD&T

2001 – ETI Discussion Board

2002 – ETImail Online Newsletter
2002Digital Tolerancing Forum

2003 – ETI Learning Center - web-based GD&T training [first offer: GM Addendum]

2004 – GD&T Trainer Professional Edition
2004Digital Instructor's Kit: Advanced Concepts of GD&T
2004Digital Instructor's Kit: Tolerance Stacks
2004Public Workshop Series

2005 – Ultimate Pocket Guide '94 - Spanish-Language Version
2005GD&T Potential Savings Calculator - free resource
2005GD&T Free Skills Survey - free resource to test GD&T knowledge
2005ETI Learning Center - web-based training [new course: GD&T Fundamentals]
2005GD&T Free Tolerance Stacks Skills Survey - test tolerance stacks knowledge

2006 – Digital Design Dictionary - defines over 200 technical terms used on drawings
2006Industrial Blueprint Reading - four-hour workshop
2006Executive Overview of GD&T - four-hour overview
2006GD&T Trainer Personal Version - computer-based course personal users
2006Fundamentals of GD&T Video Training DVD Series

2007 – Engineering Drawing Requirements Course - 8-hour workshop

2007System Approach to Component Tolerancing Course - 3-day workshop
2007GD&T Trainer Professional Edition, Version 3.5 - new features

2008 – Live Web GD&T training option added for onsite and public workshops
2008The ETI Blog

2008GD&T Workbook With Engineering Drawings - a 204-page practice workbook

2009 – A Quick Look at the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard
2009ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Course - 3-day workshop
2009 ASME Y14.5M-1994 to ASME Y14.5-2009 New Features Comparison Chart Set
2009ASME Y14.5-2009 Ultimate GD&T Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition
2009ASME Y14.5M-1994-2009 Update Course

As ETI continues to grow, we will also continue to provide innovative answers to your training needs. If you or your company need GD&T training, products, or services, contact ETI.


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