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Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing is the global language of industry, and ETI is the world leader in GD&T training, products, and services.Since 1985, ETI has trained tens of thousands of students in GD&T at locations worldwide:

Puerto Rico
United Kingdom
More than 30 U.S. states

Geometric tolerancing answers the need for for an international language on drawings.
As technology improves and more corporations expand to locations across the globe, GD&T training becomes of utmost importance to allow good communication between departments, divisions, suppliers and company sites. GD&T is an international language. It helps designers, inspectors, suppliers, and everyone involved in the manufacturing process speak the same language.

When GD&T is used properly on drawings, everyone understands the designer's intent with less need for meetings, memos, and constant communication in an attempt to decipher vague or incomplete drawing specifications.

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As industry's need for GD&T training has grown throughout the world, ETI has risen to meet the challenge. Let ETI provide your organization with the most current, comprehensive GD&T instruction in industry. One of ETI's qualified instructors will come to your site to conduct hands-on GD&T workshops. We provide training at locations around the world, and all of our workshops can be customized to include your drawings and parts. See some of our clients.

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Learn more about the importance of GD&T as a global language.
Read Alex Krulikowski's article in ETInews:

Read "A Tale of Two Companies"

ETI Provides More GD&T Training Options Than Any Other Company
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ET2011 Advanced Concepts of GD&T 1994 3-Day
ET2512 Applications of GD&T 1994 & 2009 2-Day
ET8000 ASME Y14.5 1994-2009 Comparison 1-Day
ET2025 ASME to ISO Standards Comparison 1-Day
ET2421 Critical Concepts of Tolerance Stacks 1994 2-Day
ET1701 Critical Concepts of Tolerance Stacks 2009 2-Day
ET2701 Engineering Drawing Requirements 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!
ET8200 Functional Gaging and Measurement 2-Day
ET2001 Fundamentals of GD&T 1994 3-Day
ET1151 Fundamentals of GD&T 2009 3-Day
ET2053 Fundamentals of GD&T for Inspectors 2-Day
ET2726 GD&T for Manufacturing 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!
ET2055 Intro to Statistical Tolerance Stacks 1-Day- Exclusively from ETI!
ET7100 ISO Geometrical Tolerancing 3-Day
ET2501 Solid Model Tolerancing 1-Day - Exclusively from ETI!

Take a look at some of the reasons that ETI is the number one choice for GD&T training and materials.

ETI courses were developed by the expert.
ETI's training was developed by Alex Krulikowski, an expert on geometric tolerancing and a member of several national tolerancing committees. Alex has over 30 years of experience using GD&T on the job and was a manager of dimensional engineering at GM.

Unlike many instructors, Alex isn't just a GD&T expert who "presents" material; he's also a qualified instructor with a degree in industrial vocational education. Because Alex understands adult learning principles, he designed all of his courses to utilize a series of goals and objectives that reinforce concepts and produce measurable results. Read more about Alex.

ETI instructors are industry professionals.
All of ETI's instructors are industry professionals who have years of experience applying GD&T on the job. Read about ETI's training team.

ETI workshop students gain on-the-job skills.
All of ETI's materials are performance-based and each workshop approaches the subject from a design perspective. Students who attend our workshops walk away with more than knowledge: they learn how to correctly apply newly learned concepts on the job.


Do you know how to use stacks to determine part distances or assembly conditions? Do you understand design analysis using geometric tolerances in stacks?

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How well do you know GD&T? Do you know the symbols, requirements, tolerance zones, and limitations?

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For more onsite workshop information or to request a custom quote package contact a GD&T account executive at 800-886-0909, email , or use our online training quote request form.


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