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Alex Krulikowski

Known as the "Doctor of Dimensioning," Alex Krulikowski is a noted educator, author, consultant, and expert on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T). Alex has taught GD&T to tens of thousands through his workshops and to countless others through his books, self-study courses, videos, web-based courses and computer-based training program. He is the founder of Effective Training Inc. (ETI).

Alex has a degree in industrial vocational education from Eastern Michigan University. He has taught GD&T to tens of thousands through his workshops and seminars, and to countless others through his books, self-study courses, videos, and computer-based training programs. Alex's appeal lies in his encyclopedic knowledge of geometric tolerancing, which he imparts in an accessible, down to earth manner. 

As a design manager with one of the world’s largest manufacturing corporations, Alex gained more than 30 years of industrial experience putting GD&T to practical use on the shop floor. Because of this extensive industry experience, his teaching is geared to a practical approach that enables the GD&T knowledge to be transferred to the workplace.

Alex was voted vice chair of ASME Board on Standardization & Testing (BST). He is the member of many national standards organizations, including the ASME Y14.5 Committee on Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and he served for six years as chairman of the Y14.41 Committee on Solid Model Dimensioning. He is a member of the following organizations:   

  • Y14 Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices
  • Y14.5 Subcommittee on Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • H213 Special Committee on Harmonization of Dimensional and
  • Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification (Chair)
  • H213 JWG Notation (B89/Y14)
  • US TAG to ISO/TC213 Dimensional and Geometrical Product Specification and Verification
  • ISO/TC213 WG 2 Datums and Datum Systems (SME 2)
  • ISO/TC213 WG 9 Dimensional and Geometrical Tolerancing for Castings (SME 2)
  • ISO/TC213 WG 12 Size (SME 1)
  • ISO/TC213 WG 14 Vertical GPS Principles (SME 3)
  • ISO/TC213 WG 18 Geometrical Tolerances (SME 2)
  • Board on Standardization and Testing (Vice Chair)

Alex’s most recent publication is The Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Using Critical Thinking Skills (ASME Y14.5-2009). The first edition of the textbook (ASME Y14.5M-1994) has sold more 100,000 copies. He has written numerous other books, workbooks, and self-study courses, and his products are used by thousands of colleges and organizations worldwide.

Alex's articles have appeared in trade magazines, including Machine Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Magazine, and OEM Magazine. As an expert on the new ASME Y14.41 on tolerancing of solid models, Alex has been quoted in Automotive Excellence and Automotive Industries magazines.

Alex has also developed a highly respected computer-based training program, The GD&T Trainer, which is being used by corporations to train their employees worldwide. ISO GPS products include an ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Reference Guide and the ISO GPS Quick Reference software.

As a consultant, Alex can:

  • Provide an expert interpretation of drawings for customers or suppliers 
  • Review product drawings for meaningfulness, reasonable tolerances, and critical tolerance stacks
  • Evaluate product designs before production release to reduce manufacturing, tooling, and gaging costs through proper specification of part tolerances
  • Assist in converting coordinate dimensions into geometric dimensions 
  • Review measurement plans 

Alex founded Effective Training Inc. in 1985. The company has become an internationally recognized leader in the field of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. ETI was acquired by SAE International in January, 2014.


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