I am always looking for ideas about training methods and how to maximize the benefits of training. I use these to improve how we develop training materials, present classes, and sell training. Sometimes I even come across a great quote that can help to make a point with a client.

I recently ran across an article that may help other trainers: “The Manager’s Responsibility for Employee Learning,” by Jeffrey Berk. It appeared in the July 2008 issue of “Chief Learning Officer” magazine.

The article focuses on the importance of management support and participation for a training program to be successful.

A few quotes from the article:

“To have a lasting effect on employees, learning programs must receive buy in and support from an organization’s managers”

“For any learning program to be successful, no matter how good or bad the program, there must be manager responsibility and involvement to maximize the impact on the job.”

Data Point – “Sixty percent of employee development programs can be considered as scrap learning,” according to Knowledge Advisors research data.

Jeffery then describes his top ten practices to boost manager responsibility. I will highlight a few that I believe are important:

  • Conduct a pre-assessment and have the manager discuss with the employee, prior to the start of the training, expectations from taking the course, resources needed to continue skills development after the course.
  • Prior to attending the training managers should have a brief meeting with the employee and review the course objective and relate them to specific job tasks.
  • Provide specific projects in which the employee can apply the training with a reasonable time frame.

If you have any articles like this on training topics, please share them with me and I will post them so others can benefit, as well.

Ancora Imparo,
Alex Krulikowski