gdt_training_infographicThe GD&T Proficiency Level Infographic organizes and illustrates the many levels of seminars that ETI offers. It includes the prerequisites for each course and allows you to easily visualize the entire GD&T training hierarchy.  (Click on the graphic above to access a larger view.)

The infographic allows you to see all the training levels, as well as the basic courses – or the foundation – upon which your GD&T education should build. We often find that students attempt to master a higher level course without fully understanding the basics. For example, if you don’t completely understand the requirements of engineering drawings, you won’t be ready to learn GD&T fundamentals.

The infographic also incorporates the valuable concept of mentoring employees. Once a workshop is over, mentoring allows employees to utilize their newly attained GD&T knowledge to its full potential on the job. Allowing ETI to assist companies in incorporating a mentoring program into the workplace can often mean valuable dollars are saved through the best use of manpower and materials.

To download and print your own copy of the GD&T Proficiency Level Infographic, click here.