On Drawing

SR .3150 with surface profile [.0013 u .0010]. Also, it’s an inside dim, basically a “bowl”. Does the tolerance make the physical size .3140 to .3153 or .3147 to .3160?

“Maybe I study Y14.5-2009 tooooo much”



It is shown in Fig. 8-4 of the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard book that the value specified after the “circle-U” (unequally-disposed profile symbol) applies away from the part. Therefore, the true profile SR of .3150 would be bound by a zone of SR .3140 outboard (away from material) and SR.3147 inboard (into the material).

It looks like your first impression was correct!

Dan Meyers
ASME GDTP Certified Senior Level S-0126
Dimensional Engineering Mentor