E-learning, or online learning, has made sharing niche knowledge resources such as GD&T entirely possible. But the key difference between e-learning today and years past is the increased technology allowing for greater student interaction and instant feedback on questions.

How important is student interaction for online learning? According to Jennifer Minotti, Ed.M., and Paul Giguere, Ed.D., online training gives access to colleagues and experts who might otherwise not be available, and places an emphasis on a learner-centered approach.

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Some benefits of e-learning, such as self-paced study and standardization of learning materials, are universally known. But another factor you should consider is that learning GD&T online is a huge economic benefit, as there are no associated travel costs. If you or your team needs training, you can do it anytime, anywhere. ETI offers computer and web-based training for individuals and companies that need course materials in a corporate, LAN, multi- or single-user format.

Let’s explore two unique types of online training.

Computer-Based Training

E-learning globally connects students to high-level information easily and effectively. That’s why we worked so diligently to introduce our update to our own ’09 GD&T Trainer (see more below). This is perfect for larger companies that want to train many workers, in one or multiple locations.

Web-Based Training

This is a great training opportunity for individuals to take a class on their own, or for smaller companies that only want to train a few workers in any location. It’s virtually identical to enrolling in an online course at a traditional institution, such as a university. (Visit etilearn.com to find out more.)

Above all, one of e-learning’s greatest benefits is the opportunity of lifelong learning.

Update to ’09 GD&T Trainer—Download Demo Now



ETI’s GD&T Trainer is a computer-based training package that provides employees with interactive training, instant lesson feedback, and easily measured progress. The software was developed by GD&T expert Alex Krulikowski and is based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard.

“I have your GD&T training software and have not seen anything that beats it.”—Billy Garfield, Sr. Lead Designer, Comdev-USA

Visit our GD&T Trainer page to learn more.