When you or your team becomes bogged down with projects, time off the job can seem impossible at best. But wouldn’t you invest 2 days of your time if you knew undoubtedly that the knowledge you’d gain would change the way you work?

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Let’s take a class of 14 engineering and quality folks from our 2009 GD&T Fundamentals ’94 workshop, for example. After attending this workshop for just 2 days, engineers rated the course at 93.182 while quality control specialists gave it 91.667. Their feedback helped us identify 3 key ways attending a GD&T workshop can make reaching personal and company goals highly attainable.

  1. It’s easy to do a self-assessment. If you are just guessing at what you’re doing, you’ll never have any idea where you truly stand. From the 14 workshop attendees mentioned above, the engineers saw a 60% increase in their GD&T knowledge while the quality control specialists reported a better than 50% increase. Why? Because workshop training forces you to dig deep and find where your weaknesses lie. It removes all the guesswork.
  2. It has a significant impact on job performance. All 14 attendees are required to use GD&T 40% of the time on the job. After putting in 2 solid days of training, their knowledge and accuracy had more than doubled—some ranked their improvement 80% or better. Training can serve as a refresher for skills you learned years ago but have since forgotten. Or bring you up to speed in areas where you received little to no training at all.
  3. The return on investment is as plain as day. Every company places the vast majority of its goals on its bottom line. A better equipped workforce reinforces this. An illustrated excerpt from our report shows how investing $18,200 in training for 14 employees can add up to nearly $200,000 in savings annually thereafter.

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