Does your organization design, build, or inspect parts using the 1994 & 2009 Y14.5 standards?
Is your company in the planning stages for a multi-standard future?

Now you can provide employees with fundamentals training in both the ASME Y14.5M-1994 and Y14.5-2009 standards in one self-paced learning environment.

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ETI’s eLearning System provides a comprehensive solution for fundamentals training in both standards, and a comparison course highlighting the differences. Users also have access to powerful GD&T dictionary, quick reference, and skill survey tools.

The package includes three fully interactive courses. Two courses teach the fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, including the symbols, modifiers, rules, and concepts of GD&T. The courses are based on the ASME Y14.5 1994 and 2009 standards.

The third course  is the ASME Y14.5 Standard Comparison which covers more than sixty significant revisions, additions, and deletions from the 1994 to 2009 standard. You’ll learn how the subject matter has been reorganized and about new sections that have been created for profile, orientation, and form.

The software is a valuable tool for individuals who create or interpret engineering drawings:
Product and gage designers | Process engineers | Product engineers | Manufacturing engineers | Supplier quality engineers CMM operators | Buyers | Purchasers | Checkers | Inspectors | Technicians | Sales engineers

Read more details about the software, here. Call our sales department at 734-744-5940 to learn more about the product or to discuss which LAN version meets your company’s needs.