The GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 2009 is a comprehensive computer-based training program that teaches geometric dimensioning and tolerancing based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard.

The course includes 29 lessons that cover the basic rules, definitions, and concepts of geometric tolerancing, with quizzes that reinforce the material and allow students to gauge their level of understanding.


The course is fully interactive,  narrated, and includes animations that help in understanding concepts.

Click the screenshot below to see the animation.


The GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 2009 can be used as: 

• A complete course in GD&T, with quizzes, final exam, and certificate of completion 
• A geometric tolerancing seminar 
• A supplement or review for live training 
• An internal GD&T certification 
• An on-the-job reference

Read about course goals and objectives, see screenshots, and discover more information about the product here.

The GD&T Trainer: Fundamentals 2009 is available in LAN, corporate, multi-user and single-user options. Call ETI at 734-744-5940 to discuss the platform that’s right for your company.