A few months ago, I took a survey of readers to see what format they prefer for reading ebooks, specifically textbooks in digital format.

Many of you agreed that the regular ebook readers wouldn’t work well for a textbook, since graphs, charts, and images wouldn’t retain the same layout as the printed page.

reader2_0For our first foray into the world of digital textbooks and reference materials, we’ve chosen to go with lulu.com. They use a pdf  format that can be read with Adobe Digital Editions (free download) on a PC, Mac, or Sony Reader. The pdf format allows the book to retain its original layout, with unaltered charts and graphics. It also allows some of the excellent features that a digital book is known for which makes navigating the ISO Reference Guide a breeze:

  • digitally highlight important ISO GPS topics
  • bookmark passages of interest, including our handy ASME/ISO comparison chart
  • use the links from ISO topics in each section’s contents pages to jump to explanations in the text
  • search the text for instant access to ISO terms

Alex Krulikowski’s ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Reference Guide is now available in pdf format on lulu.com. The ebook is on sale for 25% off during the month of October. Until midnight, October 31, 2010, you can order your ebook for only $50 from lulu.com

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Order the ebook.