We’re in the final stages of developing Alex’s new ISO geometrical tolerancing reference guide. At a little over 350 pages, this will be one of the most complete references for geometrical tolerancing on the market.

We’ll be taking pre-orders soon, and we’ll also be offering the guide in e-book format. Check back in the next couple of weeks for our pre-order 25% off sale.

Look inside the book.

More about Alex Krulikowski’s ISO Geometrical Tolerancing Reference Guide:

  • Hidden spiral-binding allows it to lay flat
  • It contains comprehensive reference charts inside the fold-out covers
  • Index tabs are provided for easy access to any topic
  • It can be used as an on-the-job reference or as a teaching aid
  • One entire section is devoted to a quick comparison of ASME and ISO standards.

Topics include:ak-isogeotol-refguide_mockup_1

  • ISO drawing conventions
  • GPS basics
  • Size and boundary conditions
  • Limits and fits
  • The datum-system
  • Form tolerances
  • Orientation tolerances
  • Location tolerances
  • Run-out tolerances
  • Profile tolerances
  • General tolerances
  • Workpiece edges
  • Surface texture
  • ISO/ASME comparison
  • A full glossary of ISO geometrical tolerancing terms
  • Non-rigid parts
  • Restraint specifications
  • A topical index