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Fundamentals of GD&T Web-Based Training
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This fully interactive course in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing fundamentals contains 28 lessons that explain the symbols, modifiers, rules, and concepts of GD&T, based on ASME Y14.5M-1994. The course is recommended for all individuals who create or interpret engineering drawings. Topics include:

• Dimensions and Drawings
• Key Terms
• Modifiers and Symbols
• GD&T Rules
• GD&T Concepts
• Flatness
• Straightness
• Circularity
• Cylindricity
• Planar Datums
• Datum Targets
• Size Datums (RFS)
• Size Datums (MMC)
• Orientation Controls
• Perpendicularity
• Angularity
• Parallelism
• Position – Introduction
• Position – RFS/MMC/LMC
• Position – Special Applications
• Fastener Formulas
• Concentricity
• Symmetry
• Circular Runout
• Total Runout
• Introduction to Profile
• Profile of a Surface
• Profile of a Line
For a more detailed view of the lesson objectives and goals, click here.
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