A few years ago, I decided to put together some type of graphic that would organize and illustrate the many levels of workshops that ETI offers. It needed to include the prerequisites for each course and some way to easily visualize the entireĀ  GD&T training hierarchy. The GD&T Training Pyramid was the result. (Click on the graphic above to access a larger view.)

The pyramid allows you to see all the training levels, as well as the basic courses – or the foundation – upon which your GD&T education should build. We often find that students attempt to master a higher level course without fully understanding the basics. For example, if you don’t completely understand the requirements of engineering drawings, you won’t be ready to learn GD&T fundamentals.

The pyramid also incorporates the valuable concept of mentoring employees. Once a workshop is over, mentoring allows employees to utilize their newly attained GD&T knowledge to its full potential on the job. The gray areas in the pyramid signify those areas where I advise that the mentoring be implemented.

In these tough economic times, companies often cut training budgets first, but allowing ETI to assist them in incorporating a mentoring program into the workplace can often mean valuable dollars are saved through the best use of manpower and materials.

In future blogs, I’ll go into more detail about each of the pyramid’s levels. If you’d like your own copy of the GD&T Training Pyramid, click here.