The new ASME standard contains numerous changes that affect the specification and interpretation of tolerancing. Companies deciding whether or not to update to the new standard need to understand what has changed and how these changes will impact their product.

As one of the people involved in creating this new version of ASME Y14.5, I have developed a one-day “ASME Y14.5-2009 Update Workshop” that will teach you about the pertinent changes to the standard. This workshop covers over sixty significant revisions, additions, and deletions to the standard. I’ll explain new features and compare them to the 1994 Standard. As part of the course, you’ll receive a set of comprehensive, illustrated charts that highlight itemized changes in the standard.



This drawing shows a small percentage of the changes in the ASME Y14.5 Standard. Click to see the entire drawing.


I’ll explain the major changes to the standard, including:

  • Over thirty new or revised terms
  • Sixteen new or revised symbols
  • Revisions and additions to the fundamental rules
  • Revisions and additions to the concept of feature of size
  • Revisions and new symbols for datum specifications
  • Revisions to composite position tolerances
  • Surface boundaries and axis methods of interpretation
  • Revisions and new additions to profile tolerances

The ASME Y14.5 1994-2009 Update Course will help you to:

  • Understand changes in the standard
  • Learn about new symbols and how to apply them to drawings
  • Determine the impact of the new standard

ETI can provide this training at your site, and it is also being offered as a public workshop in Michigan on Monday, September 28, 2009. The regular price of this workshop is $375; the first 10 registrants pay only $175.

Attendees must have a basic understanding of Y14.5-1994 Dimensioning and Tolerancing practices.

Each workshop participant receives:

The workshop registration form is available at the ETI website. I hope to see you there!