Reliable PlantAn article on the website about the current economic issues in industry caught my attention. The title says it all: “Economics Drive Need for Change [in] Management Expertise and Outcome.”

In the article, ESI International revealed the top 10 project management trends that will impact both private and public sector organizations this year.

Two of the trends listed were:

  1. People Will Come Before Technology
    Organizations will increase their demands for smart third-party guidance that ensures technology investments deliver enhanced performance. This will result in greater recognition of the critical role people play, leading to increased recognition that employees need the right skills and knowledge before applying processes for consistency and adding technology to deliver increased efficiencies.
  2. Right-sizing Staff with Demand Driven Resource Management
    The adoption of demand-driven resource management will increase significantly in 2009. Its ability to right-size internal staff and draw on outside contractors when demand requires will be viewed as an essential cost containment approach leading to greater organizational performance and efficiency.

The first point mentions the importance of employees having the “right skills and knowledge before applying processes.” In this economic slowdown, some companies are wisely taking advantage of more time to train their employees, and ETI is meeting those needs with our excellent GD&T training options.

However, many companies are also striving to finish products quickly, and their workforces may be overloaded. As the second point mentions, they may need to “draw on outside contractors when demand requires.”

ETI Adding Engineering Services
In line with meeting our customer needs, we now are offering engineering services. Our engineering services include design checking, adding GD&T to customer designs, and tolerance analysis. These services are competitively priced and will be performed by industry experts. Call our sales team for a quote on your specific need, or request a quote online.

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