Hopefully by now, some of you have taken a look at the draft of the new ASME Y14 Standard and have developed some comments. The October 21st deadline to submit them is just around the corner. The comments we receive from the public are an important part of the review process.

I have compiled a list of about 150 comments that I would be happy to share. You can take a look at some of the issues that I found and consider them while you develop your own comments.

Remember, if you can’t attend the upcoming ASME Y14 Committee meeting, you can still comment. Here’s more info from the ASME site.

The public review proposal is available in hard copy for $85 from:

Mayra Santiago, Secretary A
E-mail: ansibox@asme.org
ASME Codes & Standards
Three Park Avenue, MS/23E2
New York, NY 10016