GD&T Workbook with Engineering Drawings

It’s literally been years in the making…we started developing this workbook more than 5 years ago, but other projects got in the way. Computer-based training, web-based training, developing new courses like the Engineering Drawing Requirements, the System Approach to Component Tolerancing, and lots of other products and services always seemed to take precedence over our new workbook.

We kept plugging away, and we can finally offer this valuable tool for practicing GD&T concepts. The official title is The GD&T Workbook With Engineering Drawings, by Alex Krulikowski. It’s a companion to the Fundamentals of GD&T textbook and will be part of all ETI’s fundamentals workshops.

The content matches that of the textbook and also fits pretty seamlessly with the GD&T Trainer, so anyone using the our CBT or web-based training might want to use this for extra practice. I recommend working the exercises after you’ve completed a lesson, but before you try the quiz.

Seeing the GD&T concepts you’ve just learned applied to an actual part drawing is a great way to get hands-on practice. Anyone who already knows GD&T can also use this for review and practice.

The workbook is available in our online product catalog.