ETI is starting a blog.


Like many corporate blogs,  the ETI blog will announce new products and services, keep you updated about our public training schedules, and let you know about Alex’s speaking engagements and newly published articles.

However, the heart of the blog will be dedicated to GD&T.

We’ll keep you up to date on the new standard. We’ll inform you about new developments in industry that involve quality issues. We’ll focus on news items that pertain to manufacturing and recalls that may have been avoided by using GD&T.

We’re adding a Q/A portion where you can ask Alex his expert opinion, and see comments that follow from other readers. Alex will also offer tolerancing insights culled from his years of experience working with GD&T on the job and teaching GD&T to thousands around the globe.

Alex will also provide training and mentoring tips on how to keep companies up to speed on geometric tolerancing so they remain competitive in the global industrial marketplace. He’ll give tips for those who are learning the fundamentals, as well as those who are ready to tackle the system approach for component tolerancing.

The format is fluid, so who knows where this will take us? We only know one thing: if it involves GD&T, you’ll find it here.

We look forward to hearing your comments, insights, and viewpoint.